About Our Founder

The story of our founder Rathindra Nath Chowdhury, reverently referred to as "Sir" by all who knew him, was one of struggle, perseverance and most important, belief in himself.

As a young man, he refused to let acute pecuniary constraints shackle his deep desire to touch the lives of other. And to achieve this, he firmly believed, he had to educate himself in all fields so he could make a difference to society....

While still in his teens, he gave private lessons to children so that he could finance his higher studies.

Alongside, he sought out leading exponents of music and fine art to educate himself beyond the realms of academic syllabus and prescribed textbooks. He also vigorously engaged in sports and other physical activities in his unquenchable quest for personal development.

His latent leadership qualities came to the fore in the years immediately before India gained her Independence. The country was riven by communal turbulence and Sir, goaded by Mahatma Gandhi's call for peace, banded together a group of young men to work towards quelling riots, establishing harmony between different sects and engage in social work.

He was also deeply swayed by Swami Vivekananda's discourses on the need for social change and uplift of the masses through education. This and years of association with leading lights in music and culture, stoked his desire to set up an educational institution.

With a heart filled with resolve and nothing much by way of finance, Rathindra Nath Chowdhury set in motion the pursuit of a dream...a school that would be guided not only by the principles of inculcation of knowledge but the spread of humaneness as well.

Thus was born Sister Nivedita Institute on 8th January 1984. Starting with eight students in two rooms, the school that he envisaged was a full-fledged ICSE school, when he breathed his last on December 14, 1992.

Since then the school has expanded to the plus two level bearing testimony to his unwavering faith in education and symbolising his dictum. "Dedication is the foundation of success".