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The story of our founder Rathindra Nath Chowdhury, reverently referred to as "Sir" by all who knew him, was one of struggle, perseverance and most important, belief in himself.

As a young man, Sir refused to let acute pecuniary constraints shackle his deep desire to touch the lives of other. And to achieve this, he firmly believed, he had to educate himself in all fields so he could make a difference to society....

While still in his teens, Sir gave private lessons to children so that he could finance his higher studies.

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About Sister Nivedita

Born Margaret Elizabeth Noble in a Catholic Christian family in Ireland, Sister Nivedita (28 October 1867-13 October 1911), was an Irish educator, author and social activist who dedicated her life to social work and spreading education in India after becoming a disciple of Swami Vivekananda.

Till this day one of India’s most influential female figures, Sister Nivedita left her friends and family in 1898 to relocate to Calcutta at the invitation of Swamiji, who she had met for the first time three years earlier.

It was Swamiji who gave her the name Nivedita, meaning “dedicated to God”, when he initiated her into the vows of Brahmacharya on 25 March 1898.

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